Redhill Farm Free Range Pork Voted Best In Britain

Redhill Farm Free Range Pork has been voted Best in Britain Countryside/Farm Business in the first Greats of Great Britain Awards.

The Great Exhibition 2012 invited the country to nominate their own personal ‘Great’ of Great Britain during this historic year to capture the desire to celebrate Britain as a whole and to highlight all its achievements whilst we had the eyes of the world upon us.

Redhill Farm received the most public votes in the Best in Britain Countryside/Farm Business in the Grown in Great Britain category of the national awards. All aspects of British life were catered for in the awards with categories ranging from Best in Britain Drink, Day Out and Artist and the British public had their say in what they believed made this country Great.

Redhill Farm Free Range Pork is a pioneer of high welfare outdoor pig farming and is Lincolnshire Producer of the Year 2012. Founders Jane and Terry Tomlinson, breed, rear and produce nationally acclaimed free range pork from their small, Freedom Food Accredited farm near Gainsborough.

“We are honored to be in such auspicious and diverse company with other Greats of Great Britain such as Marmite, Banksey and Bluebells and are thrilled to have received votes from throughout the UK,” comments Managing Director, Jane Tomlinson. “This national award reflects the dedication, skills and innovation of the entire team here at the farm  and the growing national respect for the quality of our free range pork,” she added.