Spring Paint Colours

Bespoke kitchen and furniture maker, Chiselwood, (www.chiselwood.co.uk) has been producing inspiring furniture of exceptional quality for over 20 years. The Company’s innovative and successful Paint Collection has also helped to establish this Lincolnshire Company firmly amongst discerning clients throughout the UK.

 Chiselwood’s Founder and Design Director, Martin Holliday, a previous Kitchen Designer of the Year award-winner, understands colour and how to use it both creatively and confidently in the home. Natural colours found in the kitchen and garden are his inspiration when developing colours such as Pesto and Latte - shown here in the pantry and utility area of a recent commission to refurbish an entire manor house.

Five colour palettes grouped separately into Crème, Terre, Vert, Bleu and Rouge allow easy combining of different tones of a single colour for a subtle, understated effect. Chiselwood Paint is now manufactured by The Little Greene Paint Company which is renowned for the quality of its paints and commitment to the environment.

 In addition to high performance, quick drying, water-based paints, The Chiselwood Collection is also available in traditional oil-based finishes, reformulated by Little Greene to exceed tight environmental legislation.  Hand-finished colour cards featuring large chips of colour made with actual paint are available direct from Chiselwood. Samples of all the Chiselwood paint colours in the Absolute Matt Emulsion finish now come in handy 60ml sample pots at £3.40 each. Prices range from £33.00 for a 2.5 litre tin of Intelligent Emulsion to £41.00 for a 2.5 litre tin of Oil Eggshell.