Proud to fly the British manufacturing flag!

Amidst all the doom and gloom and the constant flow of depressing economic news Chiselwood is making a positive statement as a proud British manufacturer.

At Chiselwood a skilled team of cabinet makers produce the very highest quality furniture in the Lincoln workshop and a dedicated apprenticeship scheme ensures these traditional skills are passed on.

The government tells us that economic growth will come frome rebalancing the economy in favour of manufacturing and companies like Chiselwood have an important part to play both regi onally and nationally so they continue to present wonderful projects (recent example shown below) to national journalists and speak positively about Mel’s efforts in local schools and with national apprenticeship schemes, building on the strong messages we have communicated now for many years.

Lots of people think that British manufacturing has an image problem. People assume it is filthy, noisy and menial and it is therefore unappealing to young people. For the most part that has not been true for decades but there are few traditional manufacturers left - doing things the old fashioned way and Chiselwood want to show as much as they can nationally the wonderful quality of furniture they are producing here in Lincoln.

Chiselwood is confident but not arrogant and believes this energy and enthusiasm will resonate with everyone they deal with whether they are clients, suppliers or staff. We should celebrate these traditional skills in Britain and until this happens we won't see the new jobs or economic growth that we are relying on manufacturers to provide.